About BBK Group

A group of privately owned companies founded in 2008 by Mr. Zion Ben-Haim and Mr. Samuel Kaldess operating mainly in the field of real estate , BBK Group holdes thousands of square meters of offices and commercial in a complex of buildings located in central park of Rishon Lezion. the Group constantly engages in identifying and acquiring real estate assets followed by improving and developing those assets, in cooperation with leading law firms and accountants specializing in the fields of real estate and taxes.


Offices - Rental of offices units.
Clinics - Rental of medical clinics.
Commercial - Rental commercial space.

Boutique office+ complex - Rental Meeting rooms & room Offices all-inclusive.

Business address - solutions for business meetings - business address | mail box | Personal TAG | VOIP PBX | Meeting room.


BBK Group also invested in a start up company known as "NIMBUS Telecom" a software developing company which provides VOIP class 5 telecom services with future aspiration to be a worledwide leading company in that field. NIMBUS has reached a global agreement with an international telecom company, which allows NIMBUS to provide it's services in 65 countries, all over the world. 



Zion Ben-Haim | 载恩

An experienced real estate initator, married to Yifat (+3) lives in Rishon Lezion




Owner - Founder (50%)  BBK Group, specializin in improving commercial properties


  Samuel Kaldess | 赛妙

A real estate developer sins 2007, LLB graduate,  married to Dr. Irit (+3) lives in Beer Yaakov


Owner - Founder (50%)  BBK Group, specializin in improving commercial properties